Ministry uses swastika against the Roerichs

2017/02/09 – In March 2013, viewers of Russia saw the movie “Call of cosmic evolution”, created by the International Center of the Roerichs. Film screenings were held in 17 countries, including the United Nations Headquarters in New York, European UN offices in Switzerland and Austria, as well as at the Peace Palace in The Hague. The movie was seen by the audience of the largest cities in Europe, Latin America, India and the United States. 

However, in August 2016, the Ministry of Culture suddenly withdrew from the Centre of the Roerichs the license for rolling the film. According to the Ministry, the movie is subject to a ban, as it contains pictures of Nazi swastika. In the history of domestic cinematography there was not such an incident that a fragment, dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people in World War II, was interpreted as propaganda of Nazi symbols by the Ministry of Culture. 

According to experts, this is a dangerous and a very bad precedent. In this approach, as Nazi propaganda can be considered absolutely any movie condemning Nazism and filmed in the USSR or in any other country.

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